Welcome to Antigua & Barbuda Association of Calgary

It is a pleasure to be able to share with everyone who has an interest in the culture of Antigua and Barbuda.  We are hoping that through this medium we will be able to communicate with all our members and friends..
From the President

Antigua & Barbuda official Coat of ArmsEmbracing a new culture and moving far away from home is a daunting task. Some of us may be lucky enough to have had friends and family who have made the journey there before us and can help ease our transition. For many it is a brand new first hand experience. Here at ABAC, we understand  and empathize having made this journey ourselves. What's more, we realize that having left Antigua & Barbuda behind does not mean we are no longer Wadadli. Our Culture and our Heritage will never leave us.  ABAC offers a friendly place where we outreach and support our members. ABAC's mandate is as follows. Become a member.
  • 1Assist Antiguans who are new to Calgary with transitioning into their new surroundings.
  • 2Support the broader Caribbean community common goal of celebrating multiculturalism and diversity in Calgary
  • 3Provide financial assistance to organizations responsible for the enhancement of Caribbean culture in Alberta
  • 4Provide assistance to organizations that support those in need
  • 5Provide scholarships for those attending postsecondary
  • 6Volunteering within the Calgary community
  • 7Work with office of the Consulate General of Antigua & Barbuda to further interest in Antigua & Barbuda in Alberta